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Utilize Langchain, an open-source framework for creating AI agents. for agents.
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Avian0 Votes


Connect to your business data - Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more.

IMAI0 Votes


IMAI is a platform that helps brands find influencers to promote their products, manage campaigns, and track performance.

Mrkter0 Votes


Plugin for managing finance and marketing operation.

NeuralAudience0 Votes


This plugin is designed to analyze the comments from a given YouTube video and generate a persona based on the content of those comments. It uses a combination of Google Cloud Translation API, TextBlob sentiment analysis, and OpenAI's GPT-3 API to achieve this. When the user submits a YouTube URL, the plugin extracts the video ID, retrieves the video comments, translates non-English comments, and analyzes their sentiment. It then combines the translated comments into a single string, truncating it if necessary. The comments are used as input to the GPT-3 API, which generates a persona based on the content and sentiment of the comments. The generated persona includes information on the general tone of the comments, key demographics of the commenters, their goals and interests, their ratings on the Big Five personality traits (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism), their main pain points, their intent, and their overall sentiment on a scale from 0 to 10.

ReportDash0 Votes


Cross channel reporting tool for Digital Marketers.

SEO GPT0 Votes


The SEO GPT plugin is an advanced language model tool designed to assist with search engine optimization (SEO) analysis and strategy. The plugin leverages the capabilities of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model to analyze websites, web pages, and keywords, providing valuable insights into their SEO performance.

SEO.app0 Votes

Your personal SEO assistant for content marketing.


Appy Pie Text to App Generator0 Votes

Appy Pie Text to App Generator

AI-powered Text-to-App Generator turns your app idea into Android and iOS apps- just provide text input.

Bundlejs API0 Votes

Bundlejs API

Plugin for bundling, treeshaking, transpiling, compressing and minification of JavaScript and TypeScript code

Code Runner3 Votes

Code Runner

Run and save the code in ChatGPT directly in your browser, Supports upto 70+ languages.

CreatiCode Scratch0 Votes

CreatiCode Scratch

Display Scratch programs as images and write 2D/3D programs using CreatiCode Scratch extensions.

DEV Community0 Votes

DEV Community

Plugin for recommending articles or users from DEV Community.

Databricks0 Votes


A plugin that allows the user to interact with Databricks.

GitHub [UNOFFICIAL]2 Votes


Plugin for interacting with GitHub repositories, accessing file structures, and modifying code. @albfresco for support.

GitSearch0 Votes


Search code on GitHub repositories based on a query.

Noteable1 Votes


The Noteable notebooks plugin lets you create computational notebooks in Python from the comfort of ChatGPT. Analyze data, execute code, and visualize results in a side by side experience where your realtime collaborative partner is ChatGPT.

Progressier0 Votes


Create powerful PWAs, design screenshots, send push notifications

Semgrep1 Votes


Plugin for Semgrep. A plugin for scanning your code with Semgrep for security, correctness, and performance issues.

Telnyx Storage0 Votes

Telnyx Storage

Manage your buckets and objects through simple, intuitive textual commands.

WordPress.com0 Votes

Plugin for managing websites, blogging, and ecommerce