Dec 12, 2023

A New Era of Human-Centric Commerce: The Rise of Autonomous AI Sellers

The once robust two-decade-long upward growth trajectory in online commerce transitioned into sustained stagnation over the past two years.

Today less than one in five transactions occurs online, highlighting a significant disparity between online and  in-store buying experiences. What's intriguing is that almost half of the shoppers initially explore promotions and bargains through social media, only to convert their transactions in-store. The influence of in-person sellers remains significant, shaping 60% of online purchases based on their recommendations, showcasing a bidirectional impact. The absence of immediacy and personal connection in physical stores is evident online, leading to notable shifts in consumer behavior.

The Need for ‘Human-Centric’ Commerce

In addressing the difference between online and offline experiences, brands and retailers are embracing a 'commerce everywhere' strategy to connect with customers wherever they may be. Whilst this opens new channels, achieving cohesive buying journeys and seamless omni-channel experiences remains a work in progress. 

Moreover, online still lacks the intimacy and personal touch of in-store connections. 

This results in an online experience that, while abundant in options, often overwhelms rather than truly engages the customer and an alarming 97% of potential buyers exit online stores empty handed.

These prevalent issues highlight the need for a transformative approach, one that demands a paradigm shift, reimagining the transactional nature of commerce and combining the efficiency of online purchasing with the personal touch of in-store experiences. 

The Rise of Autonomous AI Sellers

Autonomous AI Sellers are promising this paradigm shift by breathing life into online stores. These sophisticated agents are transforming the way we shop online, promising a more personalized, empathetic, and engaging customer engagement.

Powered by advanced Generative AI models like GPT-4, AI Sellers add many human-like cognitive abilities to online commerce, where they are able to :

  • Autonomously execute a series of complex tasks,

  • Skillfully navigate human engagements,

  • Adapt to shifting sentiments and intents,

  • Continuously learn and self-reflect, and

  • Acquire new skills incl. working with tools

This newfound ability for deep understanding and human-like reasoning in customer interactions has initiated a new ‘human-centric’ era of commerce.

Empowering Human-Like Engagement

The distinct power of autonomous AI Sellers lies in their capacity to understand and adjust to individual customer preferences and budgets, creating a human-like and personalized  engagement that makes customers feel understood and valued.

By tapping into extensive data, diverse knowledge sources, and the inherent human reasoning of Large Language Models (LLMs),  these agents are not just making recommendations; they're engaging in a dialogue tailored to each individual needs. . They embody the essence of the brand's DNA, creating a seamless digital representation with minimal maintenance requirements.

AI Sellers have the ability to  improve through self-reflection, direct human feedback, and A/B testing. They engage customers with empathy akin to in-store interactions but with the added benefits of perfect recall and infinite memory unseen in humans. 

Seamless Integration into Daily Life

Picture having a personal buying assistant seamlessly integrated into your daily life, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience whether you're shopping on social media, transitioning to a commerce platform, or switching to a WhatsApp channel.

AI Sellers serve as channel-agnostic representatives across all customer touchpoints, whilst accurately reflecting the character of a brand. They have a comprehensive understanding of your identity, past interactions and can anticipate your needs and engage according to your current temperament and sentiment.

By blending cutting-edge AI with deep human understanding, agents like those of getiAI can provide a buying experience that feels like a natural extension of our daily routines.

A critical aspect of this involves striking a careful balance between innovation and ethics. Opting for a vendor that proactively addresses privacy concerns, algorithmic biases, and fosters inclusive interactions to enhance human opportunities in AI-driven commerce.

Mapping the Road Ahead 

Looking ahead, the future of commerce is unmistakably human-centric, thanks to the advent of autonomous AI Sellers. These agents redefine personalization, seamlessly integrate into daily life, and optimize sales strategies through continuous analysis of consumer behavior, delivering a transformative buying experience.

At getitAI, we are committed to fully harnessing the capabilities of autonomous AI agents infused with deep human understanding to build the picks and shovels for brands to thrive in this new human-centric era of commerce. 

We believe that buying online cannot not just be an anonymous transaction, but has to mature into an experience that delights and connects. With getitAI, the future of commerce is here, and it is more human than ever.

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